Close to Nowhere

She said “yes!”

A long time ago, when we had family gatherings, Pop and I were among the cousins who played all the games and ate all the food and left all the “older” relatives to cook and clean up.

This past Saturday I got out of the cooking and cleaning again, by way of being the “old” lady who stayed in the house and took care of the baby. Such a hardship!

Mitch, who has been dating youngest grand­daughter Remy for over a year now, plays these air soft war games. You use some kind of special gun that shoots plastic BBs using air. Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

He and grandson-in-law Tim, father of the world’s greatest little boy, have been working out in the back woods for several weekends, setting up for the war games. I don’t know what you set up for war games but it takes all day working (playing) in the back fields with the four-wheelers, etc.

The day before the war games, Mitch stopped by the house to drop off the bread, etc. to go with the hot dogs and hamburgers in the shed refrigerator.

He also brought something very secret to show me -- an engagement ring for Remy. Mitch and Tim both went with something other than a diamond -- Tim got Merideth a gorgeous opal for her ring. Mitch got Remy sapphires.

I was apparently so delighted that after Mitch headed out the back door I picked up the plastic bag with the ultra-large can of baked beans for the war games and split the bag. The ultra-large can of beans landed right smack on my toe. Mitch heard me scream outside and came rushing back in. Son Kris was in the back of the house and heard me scream.

Both of them came rushing into the kitchen to find the source of the scream. It took me a while to catch my breath. Today, that toe is black and swollen. Looks really yucky.

But, back to the war games. Sunday arrived, along with hundreds of warriors. Well, OK, maybe only 15 or so. It sounded like hundreds.

They had a great time out in the back fields and eventually the grill came out and grill-master Tim went to work.

Mitch, as host of the war games, had annoucements to make and he made Remy stand up there with him.

When he dropped to one knee and held out the ring, her face was priceless. She was totally surprised at the timing.

I’m so happy with all my growing family.

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