Close to Nowhere

It's not spring yet

Normally, it's Tuesday before I write my column and normally, I am not anticipating not coming to work Tuesday.

Normal has just flown right out the window with all this, in my humble opinion, horrendous weather.

It's supposed to snow over Monday night into Tuesday morning and be around seven degrees.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation says current weather reports show potential for another snow/winter storm. Based on weather reports, MDOT crews were out in force Monday. But you have to be careful. If you apply the de-icing material too early, traffic wears it off. They can't apply it if rain is forecast, as rain washes it away. You have to have a dry surface.

Sue Watson, our intrepid reporter, has talked to Larry Hall, county road manager, and Bill Stone, HSUD manager, and she has an excellent local story about Marshall County dealing with all the snow and freezing temperatures.

I, however, have my own plans. I am sick of freezing and I am sick of being stuck in the house with only son Kris and occasionally daughter Dana for company.

My durn dogs will not talk to me. They seem to think that piling up on their beds and not moving is company enough from them. Yet, I am ice-bound, as I'm terrified to drive in the mess. I've seen far too many pictures of far too many wrecks.

MDOT offers some safe driving tips to those crazy or desparate enough to have to drive in snow and ice.

Ice forms quicker on bridges. Duh, we know that!

Slow down to avoid black ice. Well, duh, to that as well.

Allow more space between vehicles. Monday morning, I was driving 60 mph on Hwy. 7. I was nearly blown off the road by cars, etc. going around me like I was standing still.

Don't slam on your brakes. You will slide all over the place. Ask me how I know this!

Avoid talking or texting on a cell phone. If you are dumb enough to text on a cell phone at any time, you deserve the wreck you will eventually have. However, whomever you hit will not deserve the wreck, so just don't do it. I pull over if the compulsion to text someone becomes impossible to resist.

Their last tip is to stay alert. Believe me, if for some unknown reason I'm out driving on snow/ice, I am going to be alert. I'm going to be hyper-alert.

Terrified might be a better word...

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