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King cake is thoughtful Christmas gift

I have to say that the majority of The South Reporter readers are really nice folks,

There are those who like to point out the error of our ways. And that’s OK as well. We need to know where to make improvements. There’s always room for upgrades.

But we are really blessed with thoughtful readers. There’s Cheryl from the Victoria Volunteer Fire Departmart. She calls to put their news, etc. in the paper. And every year at Christmas the fire department sends her up here with a large basket filled with goodies.

The late Modena Smith, who wrote the Waterford News, always brought us homemade candy, including divinity. The late Dale Hollingsworth usually made us throw pillows.

The new Potts Camp news correspondent, Mary Minor, has been bringing us stuff for years. This year, at our Christmas lunch, she joined us and brought a huge chocolate sheet cake.

Tuesday, a lady called and asked how many of us were in the office. She was really nice and said she lived in Laws Hill and enjoyed reading the paper. She wanted to send us a “happy” for the holidays.

Thursday, our “happy” arrived. She’d sent a huge, festive king cake, for us to enjoy at the office.

I may be wrong, I have been known to be occasionally. But, I believe this is the same lady who sent me spices several years ago.

I’d written a column about how hard it was to find salt-free Tony Chachere’s and Cavendar’s Greek sea­sonings. She worked in Memphis, Tenn., and sent me a large jar of both.

I hope if you know Jill and Sam LaBonia on Laws Hill Road you will tell them “Hello” and mention that you saw their kindness in the paper.

Our note said, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Barry and Linda and all of the wonderful columnists and staff at The South Reporter! We look forward to our paper every week and want you to know you are so appreciated! Jill and Sam LaBonia.”

If you find the plastic baby baked in the cake you’ll have good luck. You also get to provide the king cake and/or the party next year.

Note: Photo of our king cake is here.

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