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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s that time of year again. The pages of The South Reporter are filled with letters to Santa, asking for all kinds of treasures.

It makes my heart happy that so many little girls still want Barbies. I love Barbie and if someone wanted to get me one for Christmas, well that would be just fine.

My mom kept a newspaper clipping with a letter to Santa that I wrote “back in the day.” I wanted a doll and doll clothes and I think candy. That was about it.

Kids today, even the very young ones, want more sophisticated items. Robots, drones, smart phones, smart watches, and I’d bet, even smart dolls, including Barbie.

Unlike most females, I like kitchen gadgets and that kind of stuff as a present.  About the only kitchen gadget I don’t want is a Keurig. I don’t drink coffee -- diet Pepsi is my brand of poison.

There’s all kinds of copper pots and skillets out there now. I already have most of them, but I don’t have the new crock pot looking one yet. (Granddaughters! Hint, hint!)

I did see a crock pot that I had to laugh at though. It had Wi-Fi. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t stop to see what a crock pot needed Wi-Fi for, but I am intensely curious. Next time I’m in a store, I’m going to find one  just to see why a crock pot needs to be on the Internet.

My oldest granddaughter’s husband (geez those are scary words), got her a smart watch for Christmas. It’s OK if she reads this, as he made her a beautiful, wooden charging station, custom fit to her watch and then he showed it to her.

I haven’t seen the youngest granddaughter’s fellow, so I don’t know what she’s getting yet. Mitch, Remy’s fellow, did ask me what I’d like.

I told him to fix my fence for my present. And amazingly enough, he thought that was a good idea.

Mitch is a sweetie. He made me a flower bed for my birthday.

I really need my fence fixed. Since I’ve lost my two much-loved dogs (and my black cat), I’ve found new ones. It’s a crime to the memory of the old ones not to have another dog, or whatever.

So, I have a big puppy and a little old man. Riva, the puppy, is a sweetheart and loves the Great Dane with a passion.

Teddy, the adorable mutt, is apparently going to love me. I give him toys.

Santa, that’s a good idea! Bring me some toys for Teddy!

Merry Christmas!

From an old friend.

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