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We had a strange Thanksgiving at my house this year. I didn’t spend 40 days and nights cooking before Turkey Day. I made pumpkin pies Wednesday and boiled eggs. Turkey Day I made the deviled eggs and green beans. Then, I was through.

It did take a while though. I had help from my great-grandson.

Bear in mind that he’s just barely 11 months old and you’ll realize why it took me forever.

Just tying and untying the cabinet doors is a chore. But, if they’re not tied then Shepard can open the doors and drag everything out.

I have a little shelf that I keep all my lids and flat baking sheets lined up on. Shepard can reach that. So, after he’s dragged off half the lids and pans, I carefully pick them up and put them on the dog food bucket. That way, he keeps getting the same ones and I don’t have to wash quite as many.

If he’s in his walker, he can run. He can fly. He can outrun his great-grandmother.

He likes to grab stuff that he’s not supposed to have and run cackling in the other direction.

But, I digress. Back to why I wasn’t cooking everything. Youngest granddaughter Remy, and her Mitch, brought a large pot of mashed potatoes. Daughter Dana, who has  the flu and could only stand in the door and say come get it out of the car, made the dressing and turnips greens. She slivered carrots and put them in the dressing.

We all agreed it was good, but it wasn’t “my” dressing. Didn’t matter, we ate it all anyway.

Oldest granddaughter Merideth and her Tim, parents of the world’s most wonderful baby, made the turkey. I was scared. She’s never made a turkey before. I don’t think she’s ever baked a chicken even.

She’s still in the learning stage of how to cook a meal. But never fear, she resorted to Pinterest (a website that tells you how to do everything) and found a recipe.

I don’t know where or even if she used a recipe for the sweet potato casserole. That’s usually Grace’s job, but Grace is working in Florida, so she didn’t make it this year.

Mere found a recipe for maple bacon turkey. I was really scared.

It was beautiful, with all the bacon draped and crispy across the entire turkey.

Even better, it was better than it looked!

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