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It was just lovely

This past weekend, my oldest granddaughter Merideth and her husband Tim had a church wedding. Well, said vows, I guess.

Way back when, they were married in a brief civil ceremony, but both of them thought it was important to say their vows in church, before God.

I will say, Mere spent more time thinking about it than Tim, but Tim was just about as enthusiastic as she was. After Shepard (the world’s most wonderful baby) was baptized at Free Springs United Methodist Church, the same church where Merideth and her younger sister Remy were baptized, Tim joined the church and was baptized also.

If you want to talk about a happy grandmother, well, my heart just about burst that day.

Friday night, there was rehearsal, and of course a rehearsal dinner. Tim’s mom made enough spaghetti and sides to feed an army; which once you included all Mere and Tim’s friends, and their dates or spouses, it pretty much was an army.

Saturday, “wedding day,” was just a beautiful day all around. Mere’s aunt Alice was the photographer and she said the setting was perfect, she could happily take pictures there all day.

Mere’s paternal grand­mother, with the help of  a couple of church ladies, had a fantastic barbecue meal for after the ceremony. The wedding cake was topped with dinosaurs, one in a veil, and the groom’s cake looked like a log with an axe in it. The axe was real, one Tim had made, and they cut the cakes with it and even served each other off the axe.

Naturally, Mere had to have a different kind of dress. She had a picture of one and we used a couple different patterns and ended up with a really beautiful gown.

I’ve had one of my late mother-in-law’s shawls for years. It’s a light blue lacy, shiny, fringey thing and Mere tossed it on with her dress  one day at the house during a fitting and it was so perfect.

The church was beautiful, Mere’s stepmother, or “Bonus  Mom” Rexanne, did a beautiful job decorating everything.

All the girls were beautiful coming down the aisle, but when Mere stepped out, holding hands with her sister walking down the aisle, I started crying. Tim walked up and met them about halfway and hugged Remy hard before taking Mere’s hand -- not a dry eye in the house!

It was just lovely!

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