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I still don’t have a clean closet

A word to the wise here — don’t ask your granddaughters to help you clean out your closet.

Both girls, when they choose, are great cleaners. They’re young, strong and they have their own opinions on what clean is.

Oldest granddaughter Merideth compares nicely to Barbara Taylor here at work. If they don’t want it, it goes in the garbage can. You can’t leave anything lying around. Which is hard on a hoarder.

Youngest granddaughter Remy is also a tosser. She doesn’t even look though. She sees a pile of anything and instead of sorting and putting it all up, she just tosses all of it right into the garbage can. Done!

It was even worse this time. Remy came to visit on a Wednesday night and she and Mere decided to empty my closet that night so they could work all day on it Thursday.

I can’t even describe my closet — it was bad. I’ve had leg and eye problems for a while and have just avoided any major cleaning.

The first thing the girls did was start grabbing up some of my old T-shirts and claiming them. Remy snatched my Meat Loaf concert shirt and Mere grabbed an old Led Zepelin shirt and a Bruce Springsteen shirt and my heart was saying, “No, y’all can’t have those, I have to put them up and keep them forever!”

In the end, I gave them the shirts. And the shoes they were laying claim to.

By this time, they had all the parts of my walk-in closet empty that needed to be cleaned and emptied. And there were piles and piles of T-shirts and pants and old nightgowns, etc.

We packed up four of those large black leaf bags stuffed full of clothes and shoes. And there were still piles and piles.

The girls decided they were tired, so they took their loot and went back to their mom’s house to go to bed. And left the mess.

They would be back Thursday morning to finish. Sure.

Thursday, Mere decided to go have lunch with hubby Tim and left me and Remy with the baby. Well, you can imagine how much work we got done.

At one point, Remy even got in the playpen with Shepard. He thought that was the coolest thing ever, so she just stayed in there with him.

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