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Life and death

Saturday night, sitting in the maternity waiting room waiting on my great-grandson to finally make his appearance, one of my favorite Friday night karaoke friends from JB’s called with bad news.

Lynn Pullen, long-time bartender and general manager at JB’s had died suddenly.

Lynn and I were not best friends but I’d known her since she first moved to Holly Springs and began working with the Youth Court in Holly Springs.

I wrote a story about her coming and her work and what she hoped to accomplish.

Looking back at those pictures, I had to laugh. We were both babies — 20+ years does a lot to a body.

Over the years Lynn and I would talk briefly now and again and then I started taking my granddaughter to karoake. Lynn, during the brief seconds she wasn’t working like  a dog, would often stop and we’d talk a minute.

After Pop, my husband, died and then her dad died, we shared both grief and funny memories.

Lynn was a special person, different in so many ways. She often shared an appetizer recipe; rode her Harley in her leathers and absolutely adored her granddaughter.

Holly Springs is going to be a sadder place without Lynn.

Yet, in the midst of senseless death comes life.

Lynn and I often discussed grandchildren and she would have been one of the first to admire Shepard upon his arrival to the world Saturday night.

Now, I’m not just being a great-grandmother (I’ve always been a “great” grandmother; now it’s just official), but he was born beautiful and just keeps getting cuter by the second.

Shepard is the first great-grandson on both sides of his family and the first grandson. Actually, the first grandchild on both sides.

His poor paternal grandmother Sarah was really hoping for a granddaughter. She has seven sons and I don’t believe there’s been a girl born in that family for several generations.

However, while being understanding about Sarah wanting a girl, we were quite happy with a boy. We haven’t had a boy since son Kris was born 40+ years ago.

Either flavor, we were happy to be getting a baby. He’s going to be a much loved little one. Already, you have to about hog-tie daddy Tim to get to hold him.

“In the midst of life, we are in death.”

Welcome to the world Shepard — and rest in peace Lynn.

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