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Sears Crosstown

There are a lot of people like me here in Marshall County — transplants — mostly from Memphis, Tenn.

The late Pop and I grew up in Midtown Memphis. We didn’t know each other until high school, but our moms took us to the same pediatrician and our paths crossed many times before we actually met.

One of our favorite places, both before we met and after, was Sears Crosstown. My very favorite part was walking from the parking garage down through the tunnel to the bottom floor of the store. Just as you exited the tunnel, there was a wonderful counter with candy and hot nuts of all kinds.

There was just nothing better than, as we were leaving, getting a bag of hot cashews and an icy “soda.”

I loved the Sears catalog also. My mother-in-law, Jimmie, and I ordered from the catalog a lot and I’d run over and pick it up.

Across the street from Sears was a Krystal. Jimmie and I went there a lot. So did Pop and I.

I was broken-hearted when they closed Sears Crosstown and began letting that stately old building go to pot.

I was equally excited when I heard, several years ago, that they were going to renovate the Sears building and turn it into apartments and retail and restaurants.

It’s taken eight years, but on Aug. 18, they held the grand opening. One of the Memphis television stations did a well-put-together story, with video of the stores, apartments and restaurants.

Among the new retail tenants will be a juice bar, a market, a theatre, Crosstown Brewing Company, Church Health Center, a high school, etc.

I’ve read that over 3,000 people a day will use the building. And there are 265 loft-style apartments, with up to three bedrooms. Oh, if I was young, I know where I’d be moving!

The garage is going to be renovated also — room for 1,150 cars in the old building.

I’m excited about going there and eating one day. I’m excited about going to the many shops there, especially the International Market.

And I’m pretty sure that somehow, someway, Pop and Jimmie will be there with me. Clifford, Pop’s dad, will be wandering around the garage, looking for the auto place. He wouldn’t take his car anyplace else.

Sears Crosstown — Memory Lane — same place, wonderful, warm memories.

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