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Musical cars and keys

I used son Kris’s car key to come to work Monday. Mine was on the MIA list. Last Monday, I had to drive granddaughter Meredith’s car, a Hyundai Sonota, to come to work. My battery was dead.

Sunday afternoon we’d played musical cars. Daughter Dana’s new Toyota Prius had a bulging tire. Grandson-in-law Tim rode to Walmart in Oxford with Dana in case her tire blew while driving.

Meanwhile, Meredith and I were going to take my new (to me) Nissan Rogue and take  baby Shepard to the Urgent Care with an abcess on his hip.

We couldn’t catch Dana and Tim as they headed out the driveway — my car wouldn’t start. You know that horrible sound it makes when the battery just ain’t cranking it.

We took the car seat, etc. out of my car, put it all in Mere’s car and off we went. We picked Tim up at the tire place so he could be there also when the doctor saw the baby.

After Shepard was seen and treated, the three of us drove back to the tire place and picked up Dana, who was still waiting for her car to be fixed. We went to El Agave, a Mexican restaurant and ate while waiting.

Monday morning, my car still wouldn’t start so I drove Mere’s to work. Tim is driving what used to be my little red Toyota, which now has over 400,000 miles on it. I won’t say nothing ever happens to it, because it will hear me and break down.

I took my car to the car dealer Monday after work and they put a new battery in for me — I love those guys at Moore Bros. Auto!

Tuesday, we discovered that when I got out of Mere’s car I’d apparently bumped a button and locked the doors. The only key to it was laying right there on the console.

Wednesday morning, James Richmond, who in my opinion qualifies for sainthood, came all the way out to the house and had the car unlocked in about five seconds. Tim had tried for well over an hour to get it open.

My car doesn’t actually need a key in the ignition to start. The key fob (the car doesn’t have an actual key) has to be as close as the front seat however. I usually just keep it in my purse and never have to think about it.

Monday morning I tried to crank it and it kept telling me the key was not in the vicinity. At least I have a spare.

Took me all Monday evening to find my key where it had fallen out of my purse and buried itself under fabric...

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