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Wild weekend

It seems like nowadays that everything is hectic. Hectic is the new normal.

This past weekend was even more hectic than usual. Along with Memorial Day, youngest granddaughter Remy graduated from Potts Camp High School.

She and her fellow Mitch were leaving for Texas soon after graduation. A friend of Mitch’s was getting married and they were headed to the wedding.

We had her “party” Friday night, so they could skip right out Saturday. Mitch reserved a room at Toyo in Oxford. Toyo’s is a sushi and hibachi Japanese restaurant. I am apparently in the small minority that doesn’t eat sushi.  Yuck!

We had a really nice evening though. Longtime family friend Samantha was there and we met Mitch’s parents, Wayne and Laura Young. Laura and I enjoyed looking at baby pictures. She has a granddaughter that’s just a bit younger than Shepard, my great-grandson.

Sam and I were riding together and after a quick trip into Walmart we headed out down the back roads, to go by Mitch’s house and pick up Tommy, a rescue turned very spoiled little dog. Tommy, who originally came from our house, now resides like a king at Mitch’s.

Mitch lives off a back road down a ditch across to a dirt track. Oh all right. He lives off a back road onto another back road with a short driveway leading to his apartment.

I couldn’t find any of them in the dark. He finally came out with a flashlight so I could tell where to turn off the back road into the ditch.

Sam and I collected Tommy and headed home. Just a tad more excitement when we turned onto Hwy. 310 – a big tree was down across the road (this was before the storm) and while I swerved, I still couldn’t avoid running my three-day-old new car into the top of the tree.

Saturday’s graduation at Ole Miss was wonderful! I was one proud grandmother as Remy walked across that stage and received her diploma.

Mitch and Remy didn’t have to leave for Texas until that afternoon, so we all went to Cookout in Oxford and ate again.

After a normal hectic holiday weekend, Mitch and Remy got home from Texas and came to pick up Tommy. He couldn’t be found anywhere. After Mitch looked for an hour or so on the road and out in the back horse pasture, Remy finally found him, asleep, wrapped in a quilt at Dana’s house.

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