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Angry eyeballs

When my granddaughters were younger Veggie Tales (religious cartoons) were very popular at our house. They are bright, funny and have really catchy music. “O Where Is My Hairbrush,” is one of the most popular.

One of my youngest granddaughter Remy’s favorite shows was about “Angry Eyebrows.” Really frowny eyebrows that floated around making everyone they touched mad.

I’m currently not actually wearing angry eyebrows, I’m dealing with angry eyeballs.

What happened was apparently going to happen anyway, but during one of my recent bouts of violent coughing (much improved, thank you!) one of my eyes blurred  badly and would not clear up.

I spent the entire weekend with a blurry eye and not being able to play solitaire on the computer (couldn’t see it). When I got to work Monday morning, I freaked out. I could not see the computer or copy at all. Called our wonderful, local eye doctor, Dr. Eric Randle, and he saw me immediately. He took pictures of the inside of my really angry eyeballs and sent me straight to a specialist in Memphis, Tenn.

That specialist (can’t pronounce or spell his name, but he was very patient and kind) looked at my, by now, weepy, angry eyeballs and sent me off to a surgeon -- after sticking needles in both eyeballs.

Surgery was scheduled, and my now bloody, weepy, angry eyeballs were scared.

The thought of losing your eyesight is a scary one for most people. It’s terrifying for me, as my dad was nearly blind and my eyesight has been bad since elementary school.

My oldest granddaughter Merideth has been stuck driving me everywhere. As daughter Dana is a nurse, it’s hard for her to change her schedule. It’s been weird though, with the granddaughter driving her own car and lugging her own baby around while playing taxi-cab for the old blind lady.

We went to eat at Huey’s after the shot-in-the-eyeball visit and I imagine we made a few people grin. Mere had the carseat with the baby, carrying it in front of her, with her other hand stuck out behind her, holding my hand so I could walk through the aisles without smacking into someone.

The absolutely terrifying angry eyeball surgery went well and doctors have assured me that I will get the sight in my left eye back. Right eye, obviously, is working well.

Thank you, God!

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