Close to Nowhere

Yes, there is indeed a Santa

Santa Claus does exist. I can prove it too.

Recently, I wrote a column about my refrigerator. "Gloom, despair and misery on me..."

And while I'm still waiting on the control panel to arrive so the nice repairman can come permanently fix the thing, it's working mostly and son Kris and I are only mildly inconvenienced once in a while.

But the real story is, well to me anyway, mind-blowing.

And so...

A few days after that column ran in the newspaper, I got a friend request on Facebook from someone I was familiar with ­ not unusual.

After I responded and we once we were friends, I got a request for my email address. Again, that's not unusual.

After I gave my new friend my email address is when my mind was blown!

My new friend wants to remain completely anonymous. I completely agree with that, so I'm going to call my new friend XXX, as I don't want to give a hint even to the gender.

XXX emailed me that about December 6, a surprise was coming to Highway 310. XXX didn't give a hint as to what it might be and I was clueless.

After a couple more emails and a changed date due to the pandemic and delivery problems, XXX finally broke down and told me that a new refrigerator was coming my way.

I almost fainted.

After a myriad of delivery problems because of the pandemic, a Lowe's truck arrived at my house one Thursday with a bright, shiny new refrigerator on board. Unfortunately, it was a white refrigerator, and a stainless steel one was what was needed.

The delivery man and the lady from Lowe's who called me while he was still there, both assured me they were sorry and a stainless steel one would be delivered that coming Saturday.

Saturday came and went with no refrigerator.

After much headache for XXX it was discovered that instead of replacing the refrigerator, it had been returned.

It took a lot for me to convince XXX that mine was eventually going to work fine and more than enough trouble had been gone to on XXX's part.

Now, XXX will go on to do something super for someone else, as this is something XXX as done before and will do again.

I had to tell you my story about XXX so you'd understand even better next week when I tell you all about XXX and some of the good deeds XXX has done.

More to come...

Linda Jones of Laws Hill is a former staff writer for The South Reporter. She is retired but continues her weekly column.

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