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Cinnamon horrible on potato salad

I belong to an online quilt group that also posts on Facebook. Pat Sloan has a great website with lots of free patterns, along with stuff you can buy. She also does a lot of sewalongs. Most of the quilters on her website finish their quilts. I have a bunch started.

For some unknown reason quilters also like to talk about food. There are many, many excellent recipes to be found there and also posts about things that don't turn out so right.

One lady was recently venting about her husband. She was making apple pies and was out of cinnamon. So, she called him and asked him to stop on the way home and get cinnamon. He was so puzzled; he didn't know why she just didn't use brown sugar in place of the cinnamon.

We all got a good giggle out of that and I had to post a story about my dad and cinnamon.

My mother rarely lost her temper; she stayed calm through many crises. I thought she was going to kill my dad this time though.

She had made a great big bowl of potato salad to take to a church supper on a Sunday night. When we left for church on Sunday morning she told Daddy to stay out of the potato salad, it was for church.

It was still sitting in the refrigerator when we got home, so Mama was relieved.

We packed up all the stuff she was taking to the church supper that evening and off we went ­ with a great big bowl of potato salad that was sprinkled on top with paprika.

Several ladies commented on the potato salad (Mama was a really good cook for a Yankee) and she was a little puzzled, until she tasted it.

Daddy had helped himself to a generous portion of the potato salad, smoothed the top back down and covered it liberally with cinnamon instead of paprika.

I'll tell you a secret ­ cinnamon is horrible on potato salad!

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