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Travel memories

Youngest granddaughter Remy, her husband Mitch and their closest friends, Morgan and Micheal, just returned from a wonderful sounding vacation. They've all been in quarantine since they got home, but to hear them tell it, the fun was worth the price.

The foursome went up through Kentucky to Mammoth Caves, to the Buffalo River for canoeing and then on into Arkansas for camping.

I'm so jealous. Pop and I used to love to go to Mammoth Caves. We went when our kids were little and then when we had grandchildren we took them as well. Remy has roamed those caves since she could walk.

Naturally, my brain went walking down Memory Lane. With the pandemic I can't travel, but I can dig out pictures and videos from past trips.

My favorite vacation video will always be of the trip my friend Jane and I took through New Mexico and on, briefly, into Mexico.

At one point on that trip we were in the middle of the desert and filming all the gorgeousness. We were talking and you can hear us quite clearly ­ we didn't know where we were or even what day it was or how long we'd been driving or anything. All we knew was that the desert was beautiful and really scary.

At one point we were heading toward Alamagorda (I think in New Mexico) and we were traveling near White Sands and the military installations there. At one point, signs said that we were being observed by satellites. Naturally, we waved at them.

One picture I've always regretted not taking was a sign in front of a heavily guarded, massive prison, which was right on the street. The sign said not to pick up hitchhikers. Well, duh.

We were headed to visit my Aunt Hope, who was just a little nutty (OK, she was a lot nutty). We'd left a day early so we'd have time to go do the touristy stuff in Mexico. We had about two hours there, which was more than enough time to be really lost.

A couple years later, Jane and I drove to Gainesville, Fla., to visit a cousin of Jane's. It was another really nutty relative and another great trip.

For a long time after Pop wasn't able to travel anymore, Jane and I, along with her sister Katie, would make the pilgrimage to Paducah, Kentucky, Quilt Capital of the World!

Now those were grand trips. We came home every time with either a new sewing machine, a huge pile of fabric and patterns and thread and, etc., etc. Sometimes the car would be so full there was hardly room for us.

Someday, hopefully soon, this pandemic will be behind us and vacations will be ordinary again. Hmmm, maybe not ordinary. I don't think I'm going to be taking many things lightly anymore.

But, if the good Lord is willing and the creek doesn't rise any higher, I am going to Paducah and Quilt Week again.

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