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Quilts and gadgets

As a "self-quarantined" person, I'm going bonkers. I see no one except son Kris and he's even more boring than I am. So, I looked back in the archives on The South Reporter website and found this column from April 2010. It's about quilts and gadgets ­ my two favorite things.

I'm the first to admit I love gadgets and gizmos. It's pretty easy to sell me on anything that might involve a new video game, a new computer anything and especially any new sewing technology.

My favorite sewing "technique" is by hand — piecing, quilting, binding. But, since I like to plan on finishing at least a few of the quilts I've started, I do most of it by machine. And (isn't there always an "and"?) I just happen to have an Electric Quilt program for my computer.

I've also found a quilting "app" for my iPhone. Actually, I've found more than one, but I only have one at the moment -it tells me what size I can make triangles; how to convert inches and yards to the metric system; what sizes go with what beds and even how to count stitches.

I've become rather dependent on the technology in my iPhone. Since my brain has no memory whatsoever, having a gadget with lots of memory is fantastic.

I've got all my brother's eye doctor appointments, quilt show dates, church stuff, and lists and lists of just regular ole stuff. I have recipes and addresses and questions I need to find answers for and phone numbers, addresses and emails for everyone I know. I have books I can read and books that my phone will read to me; lots of music and of course, lots and lots of pictures of granddaughters, horses, dogs and quilts.

One day last week I couldn't find my phone as I was leaving for work. I was even later than usual getting to work, looking for my phone.

I was lost and pitiful. I didn't have my book to read at lunch. I had nothing to listen to in the car (never mind the radio and CD player). I had no pictures to show off in case someone hadn't seen one yet. I couldn't text anyone or call anyone. I couldn't even look and see how to count the stitches in a quilt, if I'd needed to!

Turns out, my youngest granddaughter, who'd spent the previous night, had snuck my phone into bed the night before and when I came in, she'd tucked it under a pillow so I wouldn't catch her playing games after bedtime.

Saturday, I packed up my computerized sewing machine, etc. and headed happily off to a quilt workshop in Oxford.

Had to go back home as soon as I got there! I'd left the sewing machine power cord on my desk. Couldn't call home and ask someone at home to meet me halfway, as I'd left my handy-dandy phone at the workshop.


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