Close to Nowhere

As for me, I will be quilting

Close to Nowhere By Linda Jones

The lyrics from a song in the first Shrek movie have been running through my head for a couple of days now.

"I want to stay home today (don't want to go out)
If anyone comes to play (gonna get thrown out)
I want to stay home today (don't want no company, no way)."

I am one of those folks the national media is calling "high risk." Not only am I old, I have respiratory problems. So, I've been self-isolating for a bit now because of the pandemic.

I am not enjoying it, but daughter Dana, an RN, hit the roof when she found out a week or so ago that I had gone in Subway. I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

I've also decided that if it's not in The South Reporter, I don't need to know it. The national news media is making me crazier. Monday morning they interrupted the news coverage of the coronavirus to announce they had halted trading on the stock market because of the Coronavirus. (Does anyone but me wonder why that's one word?)

I think most of us are in the same boat ­ staying home, staying away from crowded places (in my defense, Subway was empty) and worrying.

Monday morning, I decided, after I heard about the stock market, that I'd heard enough. I put on one of my favorite T-shirts — "­ I quilt so I don't choke people" — ­ and went straight to my sewing room. If you need me, that's where I'm going to be, watching "Shrek" or another movie and not watching the national news.

Granddaughter Remy and her husband Mitch went to the grocery store for me Sunday. They had to go to three different stores just to get a bare minimum of my list. How a respiratory virus has caused a run on toilet paper is beyond my understanding, but...

On the rare occasions we have sunshine, I'm going to go outside and bask like a lizard. During the flu pandemic that ended World War I, sunshine was an effective healing treatment. I'm going to sew a lot, read a lot, try not to eat a lot and pray for the world.

Carole Kloha Elliott, a former intern at The South Reporter, posted this on Facebook and it makes so much sense ­ "If everything gets canceled and you have to stay home and nothing happens, please try to remember ­ that's the point."

And me ­ I want to stay home today ­ and quilt.


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