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Enjoying a different Christmas

We had a very different Christmas this year. Youngest granddaughter Remy said she hadn’t had that much fun since she was a kid.

We usually do the “regular” Christmas – presents on Christmas Eve, then a huge dinner on Christmas Day. This year we did hamburgers on the grill and presents on Friday. Not only was that fun, there wasn’t a lot of mess to clean up either. Unless you count the mess great-grandkids Shepard and Sissy (Ruby June) left all over the place.

I made quilts for daughter Dana and the two grandsonsin-law and of course, I wasn’t finished. They got to admire them on Friday and I sewed like a mad woman to get them bound by Christmas Day.

For the first time in many, many years, we didn’t do Christmas at my house. I didn’t cook a single thing. I didn’t go nuts trying to get everything clean and ready.

We all went to oldest granddaughter Merideth’s house. Hubby Tim had spent the morning putting together a toddler-sized trampoline and swing. He was still laboring on it when we all got there.

My brother Dennis drove from Memphis, Tenn. A confirmed bachelor, he is a fantastic uncle. Dana and Kris loved (still do) their Uncle Dennis; Mere and Remy love their Uncle Dennis and now, Shepard and Sissy love their Uncle Dennis. I got a fantastic picture of him holding 1-year-old Sissy in one arm and using the other arm to swing Shepard. I took a lot of pictures of him with the kids.

When it was time to eat, Remy’s husband Mitch, Merideth and Dana all drove up to Southaven (Mere and Tim live in Coldwater) and got Chinese food. Remy, Kris, Dennis and I stayed with Tim to help watch the kiddos. Remy and I didn’t have a lot of trouble with them. Tim and Dennis weren’t too bad. The actual kids were really good. Poor little Sissy did upend a glass of juice all over herself. She’s a very girly-girl and cried because she got dirty.

She wouldn’t swing or play on the trampoline either. She wouldn’t walk in the grass and was more than content to let mostly Uncle Dennis hold her and keep her from getting dirty.

After playing outside in the beautiful weather most of the day, we all headed home about dark. It was a really different Christmas and I have to agree with Remy – it was one of the best ever!


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