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Same game different time

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

No, wait, that’s a movie, not a memory.

A long time ago, when daughter Dana and son Kris were still in high school, we had one of the new Nintendo game boxes and many of the new games.

It was wonderful. We all loved playing the games, even Pop, who thought Duck Hunt was just hysterical.

At one point during the school year, Dana, Kris and I all came down with the same cold/flu virus. We were all home from school/work and all of us were cranky as all get out.

Fortunately, Pop was at work in Memphis, Tenn. None of us would have gotten our way.

We all wanted to play the Nintendo. We all wanted to play different games — even the two-player games we wanted to play alone!

I even wrote a column about that day, the all-day-long fussing and cranky, sick people...which finally brings me around to the subject of this column (aren’t you glad I finally got here!).

Nintendo has released a new Nintendo NES. It’s a tiny, compact version of the Nintendo that everyone loved eons ago. Amazon began carrying “Coming Soon” pictures of the new Nintendo well before Thanksgiving — maybe even before Halloween. They posted a price of $59.99 and I was so excited. A cheap Nintendo (video game consoles are never cheap!) and with 30 games already in its memory — many games I loved.

There are two Castlevania games, Metroid, a bunch of Mario games, two Zelda games, Pac-Man, two Donkey Kongs and on and on.

Surprisingly enough, the new Nintendo came out just in time for Christmas. Even more surprising was the price. If you could find one at Target or Walmart, the price was $59.99. However, you still can’t find one in a local store.

So I went online. Amazon, eBay, all those sites were running over with the new Nintendos. Not at $59.99. Most were over $300. I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) pay that much for one, no matter how badly I wanted it.

I bought one last week. The price has gone down considerably (still not $59.99).

I’m in love again. The new one doesn’t have Duck Hunt, so Pop would have been out of luck.

But it has a lot of my games. And even better, the kids are grown. It’s all mine and I don’t have to share!

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