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Lots of nice people

• Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an idea for a column, especially when you’re in the house almost all the time.

So when I was trying to decide what to write about today, I started thinking about previous columns and previous people.

The first person I thought about was Eddie, who takes care of the carts at Walmart. He is such a friendly, courteous, helpful person. Although I haven’t been there in nearly a year, when I make it back there, he will greet me by name and tell me how much he enjoys my column in the paper. There are a lot of nice, friendly people who work at Walmart – Betty in the jewelry department; the super-nice lady who wears the hat with trailing dollar bills, working for the Childrens’ Miracle Network (the money raised by our local Walmart goes to LeBonheur).

I’ve met so many nice people in Holly Springs and the surrounding area. I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

• I finally managed to get out by myself last week. I’ve been shopping a couple of times with my granddaughters and that is always great. But last week, I dropped son Kris off at the doctor and took off on my own, all by myself. First I went to Dollar Tree to get cups, plates, etc. for greatgranddaughter Ruby June’s first birthday party. Then I headed out to Cash Saver (which I still call Big Star). It was wonderful. Fred Carlisle has always carried the only hot dogs my family will eat. I doubt he does it just for me, but since that store is the only one that sells Bryan Hot Dinner franks, I like to thank Fred by buying a ton of them. Never mind that those are the only kind we eat, so I have to stay stocked up on them.

• Oldest granddaughter Merideth’s husband Tim finally went to a doctor about some health problems he has been having. Turns out not only is he lactose intolerant, he’s allergic to mammal meat (he can eat fish and chicken), tree nuts, and rye. The first thing I thought when Mere and I were talking about it was that he couldn’t eat Reuben sandwiches anymore. Of course, since he’s a steak and potatoes kind of eater, he’s miserable about a lot more than just Reubens.

Mere is cooking mostly vegan now, with the exception of fish and chicken. She’s found vegan mayonnaise even. I found some vegan cheese to attempt chicken Rotel spaghetti, Tim’s favorite meal.

I wonder how Fred will feel about stocking vegan food?

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