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Happy for another birthday

It’s funny how birthdays change as you get older (not that I’m old, mind you).

My youngest great-grandchild is celebrating her first birthday soon.

Her mom Merideth, my oldest granddaughter, is planning a tea-rex birthday party. She drew the cutest invitation – T-rexes holding tea cups, a tea pot and cookies (see below).

It’s a wee bit different than what happened on Monday, my birthday. For one, I’ didn’t get a themed party with cute invitations. I did get a happy birthday video from Mere with Shepard, the 3-year-old, and Ruby June (well, she tried but since she’s still just jabbering) singing “Happy Birthday, Bumpy.” That was the cutest thing.

Shepard is going through the “no” stage. He had to be bribed (a $1) to sing. Which he happily did after he was paid his bribe.

That morning I met my youngest granddaughter Remy in Oxford, where she lives, so I could take her to lunch and she could follow me to the auto repair place as the blower on my AC/heat has gone out.

Worse, I had to pay for it Tuesday. Naturally, I’ll take her to lunch again.

I did get lots and lots of “Happy Birthday” good wishes. My son/caretaker Kris greeted me early with a “Happy Birthday,” my daughter, who left for work at 5:30 a.m., texted me “Happy Birthday,” and friends from near and far wished me a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.

Me? After pneumonia, respiratory failure, renal failure, dialysis and then my gall bladder exploding (well not really, but it did have to come out) I’m just happy to be here to have another birthday.

It’s good to get old!


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