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Chickens galore

Hopefully you’ve noticed that this edition of The South Reporter contains the Profile.

We’ve worked on this edition for a while and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the stories and maybe even learn something about Marshall County friends and neighbors.

I had fun stories as usual — the Holly Springs Cowboys and the Bird Man from Bethlehem. I thought a couple of times I was going to lose daughter Dana to these folks.

I about had to drag her away from the Ida B. Wells Museum, where we were taking photos of the Holly Springs Cowboys, who were reenacting the Buffalo Soldiers. Museums are dangerous places for us anyway, as we tend to wander and gawk and love everything we see and it’s hard to leave.

Dana did good there. She ended up with a book about Ida Wells and we got to meet (although I’ve met her many times before) Alfreda Duster, Ida’s granddaughter.

I like to take Dana and/or my granddaughters to interesting places to take pictures. We always enjoy it.

The chicken farm was where I ran into trouble this time. The Bird Man from Bethlehem almost had to adopt her. And I’m sure at least oldest granddaughter Merideth would be there too.

Merideth was in FFA in high school and somehow became fascinated with chickens. She is a fount of trivia-type knowledge about chickens.

She comes by it honestly. Her mom loves the weirdest things — goats, dogs, chickens, horses and on and on. She even had iguanas for a while as a teenager.

So, I had to take her when I went to see Robby Yeats (the Bird Man). She was in hog heaven. Literally. Robby has pigs also.

We toured the hen houses and saw all the eggs (I have to admit I was floored at the eggs!). The goats and pigs and ducks, etc. were all downhill and muddy, so I gave Dana my camera and assigned her as photographer and sat outside in a comfortable chair while they roamed.

Then they came and sat outside with me and talked chickens and goats and pigs and eggs for a while.

Robby generously donated eggs to the staff here at the paper and Dana spent every dime she had with her on chickens and maybe ducks.

The sounds of chickens chirping in the car is actually quite pleasant. And we had a box full!

Guess what they bought more of at First Monday?

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