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Proud of both my grandsonsin-law

My grandson-in-law, Tim Chalk, celebrated his 26th birthday Sunday.

I have two grandsons-inlaw – Mitchell Young is married to my youngest granddaughter Remy.

Tim and Merideth have two babies, Shepard, who is “terrible 2,” and Ruby June, who is the sweetest eightmonth-old ever.

Tim is a great daddy. I’m very proud of him (and Mere, who is an excellent mother). Tim is a very hands-on dad; he not only plays with the babies, but he feeds, cleans, dresses, etc. – whatever they need.

Shepard is one of those little boys who is all boy. Tim is rebuilding a Jeep and Shepard has joined Tim and Tim’s father Keith, who is also obsessed with Jeeps. I think Keith has around four or five Jeeps in various stages of reconstruction.

When they’re at my house, Shepard is Tim’s shadow. And it doesn’t matter what Tim is doing, working on something, playing at something, anything, he has his sidekick helping him.

The funny thing is, as “male macho” as Tim and Shepard are, Ruby June is totally the opposite. She is sweet, smiley and calm. She will sit and play as long as she has a toy and someone she can see.

And just like Shepard, she is a total Daddy’s baby. And Tim is a total sap where his little girl is involved.

If she does cry, he’s right there, taking her away from whoever is holding her. He sits her beside his chair at the table, so he can feed her. He’s so funny, if she smiles at him and blinks her big, blue eyes, he turns into an absolute puddle. I can’t wait to see him when she’s a teenager.

Tim likes to work on things. In the fall he will begin his fifth and final year at electrician’s school. If something breaks at my house, he’s right there, taking it apart to see what’s wrong.

He does have one little flaw. After he takes it apart and finds out what’s wrong, he’s ready to go on to the next project. There are several unfinished “projects” sitting in my carport or out in the shed.

I’m very proud of both my grandsons-in-law. My granddaughters chose wisely and well. It’s so nice to know that through them, our family will go on for generations to come.

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