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Fun to watch these children

The difference between boys and girls is immense.

I knew it, but because my daughter was/is a tomboy and her two daughters were/are tomboys, while there was a difference, it wasn’t huge.

Then we got Shepard, my great-grandson. He was the first boy born in our family since son Kris, 44 years ago. And boy, is he a boy.

His dad and his paternal grandfather love Jeeps. Dad Tim drives one of those really Jeep-looking Jeeps and grandfather Keith probably has five, none of which are completely finished. You know you have to work on hobbies constantly, so...

Shepard loves Jeeps. At 2, he can spot a real Jeep in a crowd of recreational vehicles. He has 5,000 toy cars, 4,000 of which are Jeeps. It’s so much fun to watch him in my living room as he races cars and races all the riding toys he’s outgrown and just generally races around. Every now and again he’ll cruise by and sit in Bumpy’s “yap.”

He loves to be outside with Dad working on the Jeep or helping Gramps (his grandmother, daughter Dana – heaven only knows why he calls her that) feed the horses and ducks on the four-wheeler.

He is a straight-up, allaround, rough and tumble little boy. And he’s so much fun.

His little sister, on the other hand, is a girl. I mean really a girl. She’s not a tomboy (well at 8 months old it’s kind of hard to tell) like her mom, aunt and grandmother.

Ruby June is petite, delicate and ladylike. She will wear a bow on her head all day long. She sits and claps and laughs and plays and spends a lot of time trying to fly. She’s not interested in walking or crawling; she’s pretty sure she can launch herself off anyone’s lap and fly away. She smiles at everyone, all the time.

She can display a temper, but only if you’re not feeding her whatever she wants fast enough. Sunday, among other things, we had butter beans for lunch/supper and she ate more butter beans than anyone else.

It’s so fun to watch these totally different children playing. And true to big brother form, Shepard is totally protective of his “Sissy.” She spent the night with her other grandmother a few weeks ago and Mere said that he walked around telling his Jeeps that “Sissy at Cookie’s. She’s coming home soon.”

I’ve always heard that grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your teenagers. There’s apparently not a saying about greatgrandchildren. There should be!


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