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Prayers for Marion

My friend Marion Pryor was rushed into ICU about the time I was coming out.

I was back in the hospital with renal failure this time. After dialysis, I was recovering, and I am home now. Ongoing dialysis is in my future, but I have one. I think I am finally on the way to healthy again.

Marion is a different story.

While I was getting my first dialysis, Marion was headed down her road to pick up her husband Sonny.

Sonny heard the crash. He had no idea who was in the two-vehicle accident at first, but he went running to help.

Marion was pinned under the motor. Both legs badly damaged, seven ribs broken and her sternum was also broken.

Sonny nearly lost Marion a couple times – it’s been a tough time, including an 11 hour surgery on her legs. Several times it’s been touch and go but so far, Marion has pulled through.

Marion is one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. Vocal, warm, loving and nourishing, she loves to take care of people.

Sonny, on the other hand, is quiet and reserved. He hides his great big brain behind an aw-shucks facade.

He and Marion have been married a long time. They lost the house they built to a fire, but have persevered through many ups and downs. They renew their wedding vows yearly and have a very strong, happy marriage.

Sonny and Marion are first and foremost devoted Christians. Sonny is keeping those of us included in their circle up to date on Facebook. He has written several beautiful poems and prayers to and for Marion.

Marion had called me and prayed with me the morning of her accident. Now I am praying for Marion, along with a vast outpouring from all over the world.

If you’re so inclined, Marion and Sonny are going to need prayers for a long time.

God be with us all...


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