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Thank you to HSUD

Along with much of the southern part of Marshall County, our power went out the other night. It was the first time since I’ve been on oxygen, so of course, I freaked out. For a change, I was probably more nervous about it than son/caretaker Kris.

Considering the fact that I had two large oxygen tanks, and three small ones, there really wasn’t any reason to panic.

They have neat oxygen-condensing units now. Instead of being hooked up to a canister tank of oxygen, I’m hooked up to a square, blue machine that hums as it pulls oxygen out of the air, and condenses it so that I’m getting stronger oxygen. I even have a little one that does the same thing that I can carry around, so I can actually leave the house.

The one imperfection is the fact that they have to be plugged up. Well, the little one is battery operated but it only lasts a couple of hours. So when the power went out, I got scared.

I know a lot of people complain about the Holly Springs Utility Department but I’m never one of them. After “the ice storm” and being without power for nearly three weeks and watching the linemen working 24 hours a day, I really appreciate those guys.

They have to work in the nastiest weather, fooling with high-power electricity, so we can have lights, heat, etc.

I read on Facebook that the problem was fairly serious, and it did take a long time to fix. And then the power went out again for a couple more hours.

It was really kind of funny; Kris was unhooking the big tank of oxygen as it had run empty and just as he unconnected it, the power popped back on.

I have always appreciated the HSUD linemen, but now, I appreciate them even more. It’s all well and good to be miserable without heat/air, lights and most importantly, the refrigerator keeping my Diet Pepsi’s cold.

Now, I find that my electricpowered air is pretty important. And the linemen are out there in the nasty weather fixing the broken electricity.

I appreciate you guys! Kudos for all the hard work!

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