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It’s time to start quilting

Since I’ve been home I’ve tried to get back, seriously back, to quilting. It’s hard though.

I used to tell myself that I had work and housework and grocery shopping and family visiting, so I didn’t really have time.

Now, I’m still on “sick leave” from work, and son Kris does whatever housework gets done and grocery shopping only requires that I drive the short distance to Oxford and let the folks load them in my car.

I miss things that once were a part of my routine. I can’t just run into Carlisle’s Cash Saver and get my favorite hot dogs or a beautiful slab of meat. I miss talking to Eddie Jones at Walmart. He always took really good care of son Kris and me too. Eddie takes good care of all his customers at Walmart.

One of the things I miss is eating out. Holly Springs has some really good places to eat and shop.

And there are all of my excuses for not quilting – all totally useless now.

Daughter Dana has taken up quilting and she pieces some really pretty and different quilt tops. She even layers and bastes them and get them perfect for machine quilting.

However she doesn’t like to machine quilt. She knows that I love to machine quilt, so her tops almost always find their way over to my sewing machine. It works out well for both of us, as I enjoy the quilting and she enjoys getting her quilts quilted.

I have no excuses now for not quilting. So why am I not in my sewing room quilting constantly? Or hand quilting my 1940s lone star?

Being in the house, stuck to an oxygen machine, is not an excuse. I’ve about decided that inertia has gotten hold of me – objects at rest tend to stay at rest – that’s me lately.

This week I intend to work on momentum. I have four quilts to be quilted and I can’t even imagine how many I have to piece and then quilt.

I love to quilt. I have to get busy!


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