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Not much that Tim can’t fix

I don’t know how it works in most houses, but at this house there is a major rule.

If one appliance or “thing” breaks, several others break themselves also.

I’m currently waiting for the third thing to break. My washing machine is sitting in my carport, waiting on my grandson-in-law Tim to finish fixing it. The machine won’t spin because something went bonkers with the latch that closes the lid.

Tim took it apart a couple months ago – the entire top of the washer – and now it’s sitting in the carport waiting on a part. Tim says his dad has or can get the part cheap.

Let me add a little sidenote here: Pop had a younger brother, who passed away before Pop. John Paul was 14 when Pop and I married, and in my mind, he was always 14 years old.

He had a penchant for taking things apart. He wasn’t real good at putting things back together though. If Paul took it apart, you could pretty much count on having to buy a new one.

Tim is somehow related to John Paul Jones. There’s nothing he can’t take apart. And truthfully, there’s not much he can’t fix. He’s in his last year of schooling to get his master electrician’s license and he consistently has the highest grade in the class. But, my fairly new, part of a matched set, washer is sitting in my carport, waiting on a part. In my laundry room is an old, beat-up washer that I’m using – just until Tim finds a part.

Sunday, Tim took a look at the central air. Now, I don’t need it this week, but it’s March and I’m going to need it pretty soon.

Back in the fall, the motor was making a “wonking” sound. I’d just had to have a new hot water heater a couple weeks ago.

The one I had was leaking and had filled up the place it sat with water, pretty deep from what I was told when Tim and other grandson-inlaw Mitch replaced it.

Tim thinks sitting in water was what was wrong with the A/C motor. So, after Tim looked at the a/c motor and fiddled around with it some, he came to the conclusion that the motor just needs a part and he’s pretty sure his dad has one. (Remember the washer part?)

I can guarantee that the second day it’s really hot, I’m calling a real A/C repairman!


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