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Another story for another day

I talked to several people after my ghost story last week, all telling me their ghost stories. Those calls made me feel a lot better about having a ghost.

The first ghost I saw was when I was a teenager. I was “going steady” with a guy named Eddie, who was a good friend of Pop’s. Pop and I ran around in the same crowd, but I always was dating someone else.

But, back to my story – Eddie and I, my bestie Cecelia, Doyle (Pop), Thomas and Willie, who were brothers, and longtime neighbors and really good friends, and several other friends, boys and girls had taken several cars and we were parked all in the driveway of somebody’s church, late on a Saturday night. Just hanging around with sodas, etc. being brave and grown-up in the dark.

Someone looked out into the long, huge church yard and said, “Someone’s coming; we’d better split.” Similar words anyway. We all, every one of us, turned and looked out into the yard. There was a man out there, climbing over the split rail fence and heading in our direction.

We all scattered at top speed.

The next day, somewhat to our real amazement, we discovered there wasn’t any kind of a fence in that church yard, let alone a split rail fence.

Who was climbing over a fence that wasn’t there?

My caller friends had equally interesting stories. One ghost, named Jane, punched my friend in the shoulder several times. And quite a few other people who worked or were in the same place had encountered her. I got the impression she wasn’t friendly.

A couple of the ghosts just watched people. One ghost sat in a rocking chair in the corner and rocked. If they moved the chair, it would find it’s way back to that corner and rock.

I’m one of those people who don’t really believe in ghosts. But then again, there are stranger things in this world than man has seen...


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