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Brussels sprouts are healthy and delicious

It’s New Year’s resolution time again. And as old as I am and as often as I’ve sincerely made and tried to keep New Year’s resolutions, I don’t think I ever have.

I can do Lent pretty well. It’s only 40 days and it means more to me.

I found my 2019 resolutions on Facebook this year. I will be totally able to keep these.

1. Eat too much

2. Drink too much

3. Don’t go to the gym

4. Buy shoes

5. Don’t try to sleep all night

6. Misplace things

7. Wear PJs often

8. Don’t lose weight.

Oldest granddaughter Mere, hubbie Tim, his father Keith and his stepmother Angie have been on that “new” keto diet for a while now. They’re trying to make me do it, but fortunately, the nutritionist at the hospital gave me a bunch of information on how I should be eating and it says, “eat carbs.” Literally.

Bread and potatoes are among the things I need to eat.

The keto diet is, in my humble opinion, the worst one ever. If it’s white, basically, you can’t eat it.

No bread, no potatoes, no sugar, no pasta of any kind.

What you eat on the keto diet is meat, the fattier the better, and the worst green vegetables. Like kale. Kale is nasty, I don’t care if it’s the new popular vegetable. One big item on the keto diet though is the avocado. Avocados are extremely popular right now. Even I think that guacamole is pretty tasty.

But it’s fattening.

I will admit right here that I know virtually nothing about the keto diet except what I hear Mere and Tim talk about. And Tim, who is kinda sticking to the diet, is looking pretty good. He’s lost I’d guess 20 pounds. Mere was born skinny so she doesn’t noticeably look like she’s lost weight, mostly because she really doesn’t need to.

But how many of us will decide we need to eat better, diet, exercise, etc.? A bunch of us, I’d bet. I’m not going to diet or exercise, but, given my recent, very scary health issues, I may fix Brussels sprouts instead of mashed potatoes for supper.

And Brussels sprouts are healthy! Not to mention delicious.

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