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Whew, I lived through it

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, well, since adulthood anyway. I almost said since outgrowing toys, but I still love Barbies!

I am always relieved when it’s over though. Right at the moment, I don’t want to see or even think about turkey anything. I’ve been feeding the dogs leftovers since Sunday.

Oldest granddaughter Merideth and her Tim, poor things, ate at least three turkey dinners.

First they went to Tim’s dad’s house; then off to dinner with his mother at a duck camp in Twist, Ark. No, I’d never heard of it before either.

They didn’t get to our house until Friday and the gang was all there -- me and Kris, Dana and Remy, Mere and Tim, Grace and Dylan, Ashley and Gene and I’d swear about 20 more.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Tim brought two of his six brothers? Cody and Brandon were there also.

The “boys” were very anxious to go deer hunting. Seems like I remember it being a tradition when Pop and his cousins and brother were hunting.

I’m really glad the boys got deer, as I will have to be really hungry to want turkey again (I usually have turkey and ham for Christmas. I still can’t do turkey again that soon.)

Friday, the boys  went out to get a deer. Just a little bit later I heard a shot and a bit after that heard the 4-wheeler crank up. That can only mean they’re hauling a deer back in.

In this instance that’s not what it meant. They were hauling two deer back to the house. Tim and brother no. 4 Brandon both had gotten a deer. It was Brandon’s first deer also.

Saturday afternoon all the boys had a good time in the shed. They cleaned deer and cooked bits of it on the wood-burning stove out there. I’m pretty sure that I went to bed long before they came back in the house.

Just to cap things off, Brandon shot a 10-point buck Sunday morning. Except for an occasional flying trip into the house for another tool, etc. I didn’t see more than a flying glimpse of a nasty, dirty boy the entire day.

It was a good Thanksgiving weekend. Reminded me a lot of the millions of Thanksgiving weekends spent with all Pop’s cousins at his grandmother’s house.

All us granddaughters-in-law washed dishes, cooked the deer, etc. and cleaned Ma’s house after them.

I need to know why I’m still the one cooking, cleaning, etc. Where are all my girls?

They’re at the shed with the boys.

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