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No politics in my house

I, being a non-political person, am sick of all the hoopla before and after the election.

Before the election, OK, if you want to try and influence someone’s vote, go right ahead. Not my vote, mind you, but if you can influence someone else, either way, well go right ahead.

I don’t understand the violent protests after the election. The election is over and done with. If you don’t like the ideas of the new president or the new Congress, well, write letters to your elected officials and let them know your ideas. Peacefully. If I was elected to the 114th U.S. Congress — House of Representatives or the Senate — you can bet your sweet bippy (remember Laugh-In?) that a riot would never change my mind. It might cast it in iron though, so I’d never, ever change my mind.

I’ve long ago learned that politics is something we do not discuss at my house. Pop isn’t there to egg on any discussion — he would take the opposite side of my brother and they would argue all afternoon — they thought that was fun. Often the next debate they would switch sides.

I can put my foot down now and insist on no politics. My two brothers are polar opposites and which side daughter Dana jumps in on depends on who she’s getting to argue with.

So, iron-clad rule — NO politics in my house or within range of my hearing.

Besides, Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks. How can you sit down and be thankful if you’re still mad about who won the election?

This year at Thanksgiving, which is my all-time favorite holiday, we’re doing something totally different.

For many, many years, Thanksgiving was at our house. I love to cook for as many people as want to come  over. I cannot cook for a small group of people. I cook for crowds!

This year I’m  not cooking. Tim’s mom has invited everyone to her house for Thanksgiving. She’s excited about becoming a grandmother for the first time and I’m excited about becoming a great-grandmother.

Tim is very excited about becoming a dad, especially since the baby is a boy.

Meredith is not quite as excited. She has little feet trying to break all her ribs.

With Thanksgiving approaching (and Christmas will wait until the day after!) and children running around and being anticipated, how can you want to go out in the street and riot?

Go home and think of everything you have to be thankful for — including the right to disagree. Although why is another question.

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