Remy and Morgan

Close to Nowhere

Just down the road

Youngest granddaughter Remy is getting married this weekend. I wasn’t sure about a 12-year-old getting married, but she thinks she’s a lot older and even thinks she graduated high school several years ago.

Her best friend Morgan is her maid of honor. Morgan should still be about 10, but she assures me that she’s a graduate with a job (and for me to shut up — not really).

Remy and Morgan have been best friends since they were in elementary school — second grade maybe for Morgan?

Morgan is taking her job as maid of honor very seriously. She texts me all the time reminding me of stuff I’m supposed to be helping her with. That’s actually been a big help to me as I have no memory at all anymore.

Morgan and her mom Jennifer threw Remy a bachelorette party and pulled out all the stops. It was a blast.

And yes, I was invited and went. Remy’s mom and her soon-to-be mother—in-law also came.

Morgan’s dad had smoked a Boston butt, and then got out of the house as fast as he could before all the “girls” got there.

We had great barbecue and fixings, Jennifer’s wonderful beans, her mom made a beautiful cake that said “Bless His Heart,” and everything was purple. Remy has loved purple since the day she was born.

There was soda and champagne for toasts. Morgan made a beautiful toast about always being just down the road.

There was lots of laughter, a couple of silly games and of course, bachelorette gifts. They’d gotten her really cheap wigs, one with black hair and one blonde, obviously lingerie, a feather boa and many other funny things that I can no longer remember.

Since I’ve turned into an old codger, the best part for me was the reminiscing about when Remy and Morgan were even younger than they are now – the countless times someone had to drive one or both of the girls to the other house, the very few times they actually walked the less than two miles between houses.

This weekend promises to be another happy memory for these two friends.

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