Meeting Thursday about robotics

• Aquatics center proposed

The City of Holly Springs has proposed a robotics mentoring team that would participate in competitions.

Mayor Kelvin Buck said the city has already had three robotics training camps, one at spring break and two this summer. But the city would underwrite some of the expenses to form teams of seven or eight players each as a part of its program at Parks and Recreation.

Prospective team members would pay $50 to participate. The city would provide the facilities.

An orientation meeting is set for Thursday, Aug. 23, at 4 p.m. at the Eddie Lee Smith Multi-Purpose Building at 235 North Memphis Street, Holly Springs.

The board of aldermen approved a motion to offer the program to the city’s youth.

Wellness/Aquatics Center

Buck also asked for authorization from the board of aldermen to look into possible locations for an aquatics center and to obtain a design, including indoor and outdoor pools and facilities.

“I’m trying to keep it in front of you so you will know all the way along what we are doing,” he told the board.

A project manager or designer may be required to get input into possible options, he said.

The board approved his request to research the proposed project.

The board authorized the mayor and public works director to explore potential partnerships for the building and operation of the wellness/aquatics center.

The board also authorized the mayor, public works director Will Denton, Clencie Cotton and city clerk Belinda Sims Hollowell to explore all funding options for the proposed aquatics center. Cotton is approved to develop grant proposals and other sources of funding of projects the city wants to get up and going.

Buck said an aquatics center could be a joint project with Marshall County, or Alliance HealthCare may want to partner with the city because of its expressed interest in wellness.

“It is in our interest not to bear all the (financial) burden,” said alderman Lennell Lucas.

“Not only that, some people could use the center whether they live in the city or not,” Buck said. “The county or even Benton County may want to use it.”

“I think to be a leader, we need it,” Lucas said. “We may be the only one around here to have something.”

Buck added that the city at one time had three swimming pools.

Other business

The board of aldermen set September 4 as the prospective date for a public hearing on the city’s proposed fiscal year 2018-2019 budget.

The board also approved an amended bond resolution for series of electric bnds. The bonds will raise $3 million to finance the new Ashland Substation.

Nnamdi Thompson said purchase of municipal bond insurance will give the city a higher credit rating and therefore the interest on the bonds will come in lower.

Bonds are expected to be sold beginning September 4 and issued September 18, if the city is able to make the deadline to approve the measure.

Thompson said he has talked to several insurance companies who say they will provide bond insurance.

Alderman Tim Liddy asked whether the cost of the insurance would be less than the savings.

“Absolutely, otherwise you don’t do it,” Thompson said.

If the deadline to sell and issue the bonds changes, it will only be pushed to one week later, Thompson said.

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