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Possum smile

We celebrated son Kris’ birthday Sunday – his 43rd birthday! He’s getting way too old to be my son.

I like to cook the birthday person’s favorite meal for them. Some birthday meals are different every year. Kris’ is not. He always wants enchiladas and chocolate cherry cake.

A couple weeks ago, grandson-in-law Tim asked for lasagna. I like to cook for a crowd, so it works out well.

This particular Sunday, granddaughter Merideth, Tim and great-grandson Shepard were at the house. My brother Dennis had come down. He isn’t around babies much at all. Maybe not since Mere and youngest granddaughter Remy were babies.

Shepard, who is 18 months old now, is fascinated with Kris. He likes to run back into Kris’ room and stare at him and smile a lot.

He’s now fascinated with Dennis also.

Shepard, since he was a tiny baby, has been a charmer. He’s just about perfected what his mama Merideth calls his possum smile.

He’ll turn his face to you and smile huge and crinkle his eyes and aim a huge “twinkle” at whoever is his target. I am frequently the target, as he’s sure that if he possum smiles at me I’ll do whatever he wants.

And the most amazing thing is he’s usually right. He’s an extremely bright 18-month-old.

If you think being a grandparent is great, well just wait. Being a great-grandparent is incredible.

I’m getting another great-grandchild in August – a great-granddaughter. Shepard, being a boy, has been great fun. I haven’t had a baby boy since son Kris. I was hoping the next one would be a boy also, but she’s a girl.

I still have some of her mother’s and aunt’s baby clothes -- in fact I still have some of her grandmother Dana’s baby clothes.  Most importantly, to me anyway, is that Ruby June will be able to wear Mere and Remy’s christening gown. I still think that gown is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever made.                                                                                                                             

I hope Ruby June will be born on my birthday in August. That would be a pretty great day for us to celebrate together.

Granddaughter Remy is getting married in September. So, I have her dress to make, two quilts for Ruby June and Shepard’s dinosaur quilt for his birthday in December.

Now that I can see after cataract surgery, I’m loving sewing again.

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