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Thieves take away sense of security • Please help ID suspects

To whom it may concern:

On Friday, Jan. 19, just after 2:30 p.m. my daughter’s purse was stolen from her car in front of the clubhouse at Kirkwood National Golf Club. She had run in to do something for me and in just minutes someone drove up, took a look at the vehicles parked in front, spotted her purse and took it out of her (unlocked) car. I just happened to look out the window and saw him shut her car door but didn’t realize until it was too late that he had taken her purse.

I called the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and they responded immediately, sending Deputy Lowery to take the report and an investigator to fingerprint the vehicle. During this time I was also on the phone with Kelly McMillen and David Cook. I greatly appreciate how much attention they have given us, considering all of the other crimes they have to deal with in the county.

We have a security system and have great video of the theft and the car they were driving. The Sheriff’s Department got a video of the car and driver out to their patrol officers, but unfortunately the vehicle was not spotted in the area.

The suspects were driving an older model four-door white Infinity with dark rims, sunroof and a dark rear spoiler and no tag. This car stands out and should be easily recognized.

After leaving Kirkwood, they went directly to Walmart where they were caught on camera trying to use her debit card to purchase gift cards.

Immediately after this happened I shared the video and a description of the car on Facebook and had hundreds of people share the post and the video. Everywhere I go people I don’t even know ask me if we’ve had any luck catching them. It really makes us feel good to know that there are so many people out there who are trying to help us.  

I always felt so safe and secure here until this happened; not only did they take what didn’t belong to them, but they also took away my sense of peace and security.

I would like everyone reading this to please take a good look at the pictures of the suspects and the car and if you know anything, please call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office (662) 252-1311 and ask to speak to one of the investigators. A $200 reward is being offered for information that leads to their arrest and conviction.

These people need to be arrested before they do something worse the next time.

Jennifer Barkley
Holly Springs

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