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Please, please wake up and obey traffic laws

Dear Editor,

Well, it happened again!

I went down to pick up my grandson, age 5, at my driveway on Mt. Zion Road. A car was following the school bus at a higher rate of speed than it should have. The bus had the lights on and the horn was blowing. The driver of the bus was starting to back into my driveway, like he always does. The car behind saw what was about to happen, so he chose to turn into the ditch area rather than hit the bus. The bus driver had seen what was about to happen and he had stopped backing up. The car missed the back of the bus by about 3 feet. Thank God that no one was hurt.

At the same time this was happening, two cars in the other lane continued on their way, when they should have stopped.

It is my knowledge that one is supposed to follow or stop at least 50 feet from a traveling bus. None of these three drivers chose to do this. It could have been a major wreck!

As a result of this, I got in touch with my county supervisor, Eddie Dixon, and asked him for help. That same day when I returned from a trip to Collierville, Tenn., (about four hours later), lo and behold, on both sides of the road there were two caution signs making people aware of bus traffic in the area.

People, please wake up to the fact that you should obey traffic laws. Watch out and go slow. You may just save a life.

Dorothy Dorris
Red Banks

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