Photo by Leigh Anne Sanderson
Sharon and Joe Maurey welcome everyone to Maurey Manufacturing’s big event.

Photo by Leigh Anne Sanderson
Employees and guests turn out for Maurey’s company picnic celebrating a century of manufacturing.

Photo by Leigh Anne Sanderson
Malachi Riley enjoys Maurey’s celebration.

100 years

• Maurey celebrates

Since 1917, Maurey Manufacturing has been all about family.

That family includes four generations in leadership positions – founder Eugene E. Maurey, Joseph E. Maurey, Joseph W. Maurey and Taylor S. Maurey.

“It’s a family-owned business; the name’s on the building,” said Paul Grewal, district manager. “We know it’s a long-term thing. It’s not just a job.”

Saturday, Sept. 23, Maurey Manufacturing celebrated 100 years with a company picnic for employees and their families.

It relocated its production from Chicago, Ill., to Holly Springs in the 1980s. That included construction of a state-of-the-art plant in the industrial park.

“Our business shifted to a more national base and a centralized location near Memphis (Tenn.) made sense for the company,” Grewal said. “Plus, the business climate in Mississippi was conducive to growth. The state, the county and the city were welcoming.”

Maurey maintained a warehouse in Chicago another 15 years. Then in 2001, its headquarters was also moved to Holly Springs.

The company makes power transmission components for different types of machinery.

Like any business, Maurey has seen its ups and downs, but it has withstood. And that’s largely due to the family atmosphere.

“It’s all about our employees,” said Sharon Maurey, wife of Joseph W. Maurey, current president and CEO. “We love our employees and their families. These people mean something to us.”

Maurey currently em­ploys 55 people. Several have been with the company for more than 20 years and a few 30 years.

All employees were recognized during the recent celebration for their tenure and service. The event was catered by Clancy’s Cafe and also included activities for the children, gifts from suppliers and more.

“Maurey Manufacturing has been a valued corporate partner for many years,” said Mayor Kelvin Buck, who attended the celebration. “Our community is honored to have them and we join the owners and employees in the company’s 100th anniversary celebration.”

The Holly Springs facility has been built in four sections – manufacturing facility, two warehouses and offices. It totals about 160,000 square feet.

“Newer technology has allowed us to produce more,” Sharon Maurey said. “We’ve made several capital investments in machinery the last three years.

“But basically, we’ve been focused on what we make now since the ’30s.”

Grewal said as business has changed, Maurey Manufacturing has been able to adjust.

“That’s because we are a smaller company, and we don’t have to go through levels of bureaucracy,” he said. “We seize opportunity when we see it. We’re lucky we have the personnel to be able to do that. We have a lot of know-how in our company and a lot of experience.

In 1917, Eugene E. Maurey invested his hard-earned savings as an auto mechanic to found Up-To-Date Machine Works, which later became Maurey Manu­facturing. The company was an early producer of wood-working machinery and also turned out several types of lock parts.

Starting in the 1930s, industry was growing to realize the inherent efficiency of V-belt drives as a means of transmitting power. Maurey began to make sheaves. By 1932, Maurey steel sheaves were beginning to gain a reputation that would eventually make them world famous.

In 1935, Joseph E. Maurey, eldest son of Eugene Maurey, began his nearly 70-year tenure with the firm.

The era during the middle of the 20th century (1940s-1960s) was a period of rapid expansion for the power transmission industry in general. Maurey was uniquely positioned to meet the greater demand for sheaves during this time.

In 1948, Maurey entered into a marketing partnership with Goodyear Tire and Rubber.

In 1959, upon the death of Eugene Maurey, Joseph E. Maurey became president.

The period from the 1970s to 1980s was a time of significant advancement for the company. Maurey established itself as a truly national provider of power transmission components.

In 1980, Joseph W. Maurey, eldest son of Joseph E. Maurey, began working for the company. In 1986, Maurey completed its new manufacturing facility in Holly Springs.

Since the 1990s, Maurey has experienced great change. It has made significant investments in new machinery to better position itself for the next century.

In 2005, Joseph W. Maurey took over the top leadership role in the company with the passing of his father, Joseph E. Maurey.

In 2016, Taylor S. Maurey, the son of Joseph W. and Sharon Maurey, joined the staff as chief engineer.

“We are proud of our family’s past generations and accomplishments and look to the years ahead, certain that future generations will strongly build on what we have accomplished thus far,” Joseph W. Maurey said. “We appreciate the countless efforts of all the past and present Maurey employees who have worked tirelessly to make us what we are today.

“We remain committed to providing value to our customers with excellence in customer service, the best quality products in the industry today and by leveraging efficiencies from the most up-to-date machinery and processes.”

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