Supervisors tired of old tires

The Marshall County Board of Supervisors is putting used tire haulers on notice – no dumping in Marshall County.

County administrator Larry Hall said those hauling used tires from businesses must carry a manifest and carry a license to haul them.

Most used tires dumped in Marshall County are coming from out-of-thecounty businesses, he said, even from out-of-state businesses.

“People are hauling them from surrounding counties and Tennessee and dumping them here,” said District 5 Supervisor Ronnie Joe Bennett.

The topic came up when piles of used tires were found on the ground outside the county’s roll-off dumpsters during spring cleanup. A waste tire grant pays the disposal of used tires but not for the county to load them up and haul them away, Hall said.

Commercial drivers of out-of-county vehicles frequent the county throwing out trailer loads of used tires, he said.

Old tires left on private lands from years back when country folk changed their own tires are recognizable as such, Hall said. But used tires collected at tire centers are easy to spot, he said.

Bennett was in favor of stopping the handling of used tires altogether.

Hall said the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality pays the county for the disposal of used tires. And tire centers are required to collect $1 when they replace an old tire that goes to the fund to dispose of the rubber.

Supervisors were also irked that some people continue to dig through the roll-off dumpsters during spring cleanup mining for metal and other things.

Hall said locks were placed on the back doors of the roll-off containers but the company did not bring the locks back when they returned the containers to sites to be reused.

Two permanent roll-off dumpsters are planned in the county – one to go at the community center at Chulahoma, and the other at Bethlehem Fire Station.

Those dumpsters will be available for residents of the county to dispose of household junk and yard junk. The county dump at the West Holly Springs Exit accepts white goods, appliances, and household junk but not household garbage. Residents doing some carpentry repair work on their own homes and sheds are allowed to carry their construction waste to the dump which is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Commercial construction waste is never accepted at the county dump or in the roll-off dumpsters.

Some citizens still do not know that it is illegal to carry old furniture, white goods, construction waste, and tires to roadside “dumps.”

The board of supervisors provides the county landfill collection site where residents can take these items without charge but monitors illegal dumps.

County ordinances provide for the ticketing and fining of individuals who throw things out on the roadsides and in gullies.

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