Supervisors complain about drainage issues

When a developer puts in too small a drain pipe in subdivision driveways, often the board of supervisors gets blamed for the flooding that results. Or, the board may be expected to correct the problem when insufficient retention ponds have been added to catch fast runoff storm water.

That is a big issue for District 3 supervisor Keith Taylor, who gets lots of calls from people who build on a lot only to later find the driveway pipes and ditches put in by the developer were too shallow. Or insufficient retention areas were built so uphill rainwater rushes downhill to drown out yards below.

County administrator Larry Hall said some residents call and want the county to put in bigger  pipes.

“If we put in bigger pipes, we will have bigger ditches,” Hall said. “He (the homeowner) has issues with two houses being built and a silt fence in Carriage Manor. I didn’t see silt issues two weeks ago.”

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