Security measures coming to property

Several measures are being taken by the Marshall County Board of Supervisors to prevent break-ins at the Marshall County Fairgrounds.

They include alarms and cameras.

The cost to cover the grounds could run up to $26,000 and supervisor Charles Terry questioned the expenditure since the fairgrounds does not make any money after expenses.

County administrator Larry Hall said the county will never recoup its costs for security but “it’s a matter of protecting what you’ve got.”

Susie Hill, with the chancery clerk’s office, advised the board that there is money in the fairgrounds budget for this project.

Supervisors voted to table the decision until more information becomes available.

Joe Fant, with Fant’s Telephone Service, came to the board to discuss different security measures available.

He said an alarm system can be installed that will help monitor the area.

Supervisor Keith Taylor wanted to know if the front gate could also be monitored.

Fant said it could. The fairgrounds is considered one of the best facilities in the state. Ken Jones, director of the county fairgrounds, reported good attendance at a recent 4H show and equipment auction. Supervisors were irked that an auction company only paid $1,000, but charged the county about $10,000 in commission on old, obsolete equipment taken to the auction at the fairgrounds in January.

Marshall County sold 31 items at the surplus equipment sale which brought $157,275, Hall said. But after paying a commission of $10,072, the balance came to $147,203.

He said it is convenient to have the auction here at the fairgrounds because it would cost a lot to haul surplus equipment to an auction further away.

District 5 supervisor Ronnie Joe Bennett said the county should get its equipment auctioned for free because the auction company makes a good profit holding the sale here.

Bennett said the county’s equipment was less than one tenth of what sold at the fairgrounds.

“I agree with you,” said District 1 supervisor Charles Terry.

“We’ve got a great facility there,” Bennett continued. “Why should we let them use it and charge us commission on our stuff?”

He said $1,000 does not even cover the cost to the county to let the facility be used.

“My first opinion is about the same as yours,” Terry said.

“They just made $9,000 for selling our equipment on our property,” Bennett said. “It is something we ought to talk about.”

District 4 supervisor George Zinn III asked what advantage does the county gain by having the auction here.

“It keeps us from hauling our old stuff,” Hall said.

“They are going to come here anyway,” Bennett said. “I can’t see giving them $9,000 and we are talking about spending thousands of dollars on security.”

Zinn said, “They won’t be back for a year.”

Discussion ended, the board passed a motion to table the discussion for another day.

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