Schools look to second semester

Marshall County and Holly Springs school districts are gearing up for post-holiday instruction in what continues to be challenging times due to COVID-19.

The county schools will resume in-person classes, with a virtual option, Monday, Jan. 11, while the city schools will conduct all virtual classes January 11-29.

Roy Lawson, superintendent of the Marshall County School District, said teachers are busy this week getting ready for instruction to resume. He said in-person classes are encouraged.

Distance learning applications for the second semester are now available on the district’s website – Those applications must be returned to the child’s school no later than Monday, Jan. 18.

Parents can contact the school with any questions about the distance learning option for the second semester.

Changes, as far as in-person or distance learning for this nine weeks, will be allowed the first two weeks.

He also added that if a student falls behind in distance learning, it can be revoked.

“The student has to stay engaged and continue to do the work assigned,” Lawson said.

Athletic events will continue as scheduled as long as there are no COVID-19 issues within the teams.

Schools are following state guidelines as far as fan attendance at games is concerned.

Irene Turnage, superintendent of the Holly Springs School District, said the decision was made to go to distance learning in January due to an increase in COVID-19 cases statewide.

“Our decision was based on concerns related to the high amount of socialization that occurs during major holidays like Christmas, and the high number of COVID cases that continue to be confirmed in Mississippi daily,” she said.

She said beginning January 11, all students will login for classes every day for instruction.

Holly Springs teachers will also be busy this week preparing for the semester ahead.

Parents are required to complete a survey, available on the district website ( to choose hybrid, virtual or in-person learning for how their child will receive instruction starting February 1.

Those who choose hybrid attend classes two days a week and participate virtually three days. Those who select in-person are in the classroom four days a week but will login for virtual instruction on Fridays.

“Any student who has been inconsistent in attending classes or in submitting assignments, as well as students not performing successfully in hybrid and virtual instruction, will be required to come to school in person February 1,” Turnage said.

As in the county district, athletic events will continue as scheduled as long as there are no COVID-19 issues within the teams.

Both Lawson and Turnage said keeping students safe will continue to be a top priority. They also stressed the importance of the students’ education ­ continuing to learn and being successful this school year.

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