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Holley Muraco performs an ultrasound exam on an aquarium killer whale. Research with this whale resulted in Muraco publishing a scientific paper about whale reproduction and behavior.

PROFILE EDITION • Muraco helping save endangered species

Holley Muraco is at it again. Now she is working with the Chinese to spread awareness of the need to protect wildlife that is endangered.

One way she is doing that is studying the reproduction of endangered species and another way is to sensitize Chinese students to the dangers to wildlife and the need for conservation.

Her last jaunt was to the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska near the Arctic Ocean where she studied the walrus populations and dangers to their habitats that could arise from the melting of the polar ice pack.

This time she will be working with endangered species in China, in particular the snub-nosed monkey, the red panda and the Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin.

These projects being started in Asia could involve joining research efforts from zoos and aquaria with projects in the wild.

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