Police department seeks accreditation

A federal “click it or ticket” grant of $5,318 will help the Holly Springs Police Department apply for state accreditation.

Chief Dwight Harris requested the city apply for the grant that helps the police department demonstrate it is well-managed, well-prepared and well-trained.

The objective is to get state accreditation first, then go for federal accreditation, he said.

Alderman Lennell Lucas asked if accreditation would move the city forward in the business sector.

Mayor Kevin Buck said accreditation is something hospitals and schools have “as a badge of accountability.”

“Accreditation carries more weight,” Buck said. “It helps the agency prove it is using standards set by the state.”

Also in police matters, the board discussed a request for a new radio system for both police and fire departments. The radio would allow local agencies to communicate with the state radio network. Harris said there are dead spots in Holly Springs using the existing system, which is aged. It puts police officers at risk when they need help and cannot talk with their base.

The city now operates off the low-band repeater. The digital system will eventually be mandatory and the price will go up, Harris said.

The sheriff’s department now operates off the state towers.

An estimated price to lease the radio system for four years could run about $101,614 or about $25,000 annually. The board passed a motion to table the matter while more information could be obtained.

The product for both departments may be cheaper if bid together, Buck said. He said he wants all board members to be present when the matter is brought up again.

In other fire department matters, chief Rodney Crane requested authorization to enter into a leasing agreement with Community Leasing Partners for turnout gear. The estimated cost is about $125,000 for five years, with the first payment of $26,980 due at the time of the delivery of 50 sets.

The Job Resource Training Center received approval to hold an O.S.H.A. training class. Cost is $100 for the class and $8 per person for certificates. Thirty-eight employees are expected to need O.S.H.A. certification.

Travel was approved to a teen summit for the Mayor’s Youth Council. So far, about 15 youth have applied for the leadership training program. Applications are still being accepted and can be picked up at the city clerk’s office.

Travel approval

Travel for a number of employees to attend training was approved.

• Mayor Buck, the board of aldermen, the city clerk and deputies, and the city attorney will attend the 87th Annual Mississippi Municipal League Conference in Biloxi in June.

• Mayor Buck, William Denton and Pamela Lewis will participate in the American Planning Asso­ciation Conference.

• Belinda Hollowell will attend the 48th Annual Spring Conference of Mississippi Municipal Clerks in Flowood in March.

• Tracy Shaw and Clayton Moore will attend the Mississippi Rural Water Association’s Annual Manage­ment and Technical Conference in March.

• Dee Miller, Karen Jefferson, Pansy Huey, Keith Freeman, Larry Whisenant, Sheronda Barksdale and Bill Stone will attend CSA (Central Service Association) training classes at Tombigbee Electric Power Association this spring.

• Pamela Lewis will attend the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Certified Local Government Training in Brandon in February.


The following invoices were approved for payment:

• $3,428 to Elliott & Britt Engineering for services on the Salem Bridge Gas Relocation Project (reimbursable by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT).

• $28,384 to Mid South Boring & Piping for work on the Salem Bridge Gas Relocation (cast iron replacement) Project.

• $45,323 to Mid South Boring & Piping for the Salem Bridge Gas Relocation Project (MDOT reimbursable).

• $94,064 to W&T Contracting Corporation for work on the CDBG Sewer Replacement and Rehabilitation Project.

• $6,500 to Northeast MS PDD, for the CDBG Grant (Sewer Replacement and Rehabilitation Project).

• $222,633 to MGAM for gas billed in December 2017.

• $40,479 to MGAM for pipeline transportation billed in December 2017.

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