Megasite plans notch forward

Application for a grant from Delta Regional Authority to put in a 12-inch water line for an economic development megasite is in the making, said Justin Hall, executive director of the Marshall County Industrial Development Authority.

The project comes to about $719,000, he said. The Tennessee Valley Authority will pitch in $250,000, leaving about $469,169 for DRA and any local match that may be required. TVA is supplying the match for the DRA grant, Hall said.

The waterline would be taken to a 2,000-acre manufacturing megasite that is being prepared at an undisclosed location.

Environmental studies have to be completed to get the site “up and rolling,” Hall said.

In essence, the properties must be studied for possible environmental issues before the land can be developed for a megasite.

“We do not foresee any environmental issues,” Hall said. “Once that is checked off, we have to have utilities there to be ready for large-site development. We are trying to put together property in a booming market and get environmental studies and utilities in.”

He said IDA has options “tightly constructed” so a big site can be put together.

“We are using our assets, using DRA funds and matching funds,” he said. “DRA took a liking to the site. They want their name tied to it. We are leveraging DRA with TVA funds and federal funds.”

The working out of the details takes months with government agencies, Hall said.

“Some new regulations make it a slow process,” he said. “TVA is sitting on go. Once we get started, we don’t want to have to stop and go back and do something (of environment-type work).” The board of supervisors approved acceptance of the DRA grant participation. Hall said DRA and the Appalachian Regional Authority are sister agencies assigned to different county groups or regions when the authorities were laid out (for Mississippi). Larry Hall continued the conversation. “Those agencies have to have success stories to justify funding in Washington, he said. “They have to be successful to keep getting funds.”

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