HSUD to keep 46 kV line

The Holly Springs Utility Department will keep a 46 kV line that it originally intended to abandon when the new TVA 161 kV line goes into operation, according to general manager Bill Stone.

The original memorandum of understanding between HSUD and TVA called for TVA to take care of all right-of-way on the old line.

“Originally, we were going to abandon it, but have decided to keep it as a distribution feeder line,” he said. “This will allow us to pick up some rural loads between Holly Springs and Ashland and reduce exposure to the three-phase circuits serving the cities.”

Stone said the line could be fed from the Ashland substation or either of the Holly Springs substations.

Mayor Kelvin Buck added that Holly Springs decided to build redundancy in its feed and TVA will keep up the right-of-way under the old line which is adjacent to the new high voltage TVA line.

“I asked, why would we want to keep it?” Stone said. “Mid-South Utilities asked, why would you not want to?”

When the new line is in place the Ashland Substation and the Neely Avenue Primary Substation will operate independently of each other. Currently, the 46 kV feed to Ashland comes through the primary substation subjecting it to outages when a fault occurs on the Ashland line.

Stone explained that there are three TVA feeds coming in to Holly Springs – a Holly Springs-Oxford line, a New Albany line, and the Holly Springs Miller line. The delivery point for power delivery for the Ashland Substation is currently at the Neely Street Substation.

The Ashland 46 kV transmission line will operate as a 13.5 kV express feeder distribution line but can still be operated at 46 kV, Stone said.

In other business, the Holly Springs Board of Aldermen:

• approved payment of $2,200 to K&I Industries for purchase of 300 chairs for use at the Multi-Purpose Center and at the old Sims School.

• authorized payment of $19,902 to ASCO sanitation for September 2018.

• approved documents related to the Ashland Substation – deed of easement rights conveying to the City of Holly Springs the deed to the Ashland 46kV transmission line from TVA; approved a license agreement to continue to operate the Holly Springs 46 kV transmission line as a feeder distribution line; and approved the delivery point of agreement establishing the delivery point for the Ashland Substation at Ashland (the current delivery point is at the Neely Avenue Substation).

• approved travel for Jamario Beard, Trey Hanna, Jimmie Harris and Aaron Wilkins to attend the 811 Damage Prevention Summit in Biloxi in November.

• approved travel for Javarrius Jeffries, Torris Brown and Maurice Jeffries to attend the TVPPA lineman apprenticeship Lab 1 training in Scottsboro, Alabama.

• authorized $5,017 payable to Grime Reaper Power Clean for pressure washing of the downtown sidewalks.

• approved $4,800  payment to Jon L. Woods Construction to remove and replace a 36-inch pipe under Swaney Drive.

• authorized City Service Contractor to level the utility trenches on Swaney Drive and overlay the street with 1.5-inches of asphalt (project cost $39,421).          

• authorized the award of milling contract to APAC Construction, Tenn., for $12,056 for milling on Swaney Drive.

• approved $1,760 payable to MDF Metal Solutions for fabrication and installation of handrails at Spring Hollow Park restroom facility.

• approved travel for chief Dwight Harris to the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police Winter Conference in Natchez.

• promoted officer Dusty Smith to sergeant.

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