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Photo by Sue Watson
(Left) Jerry Moore and his sister, Emily Brewer, roll hospital beds to a trailer for shipping. (Right) Ricky Clayton (left) and Darrell Brewer load mattresses onto a trailer for shipping.

Helping those in need

• Mission group sends beds to FEMA for patients

A request from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for makeshift hospital beds for COVID-19 patients was honored Monday, April 27.

Jerry Moore and Jerry Morgan, with World/Ukraine Missions, and friends and family loaded 32 beds and mattresses and a batch of medical supplies that are destined for a FEMA warehouse in North Carolina.

Moore said FEMA would likely take the hospital beds first to Jackson, with the final destination in the United States uncertain.

The hospital beds and medical supplies were donated by a number of groups like Tyson Drugs, Kirby Pines Nursing Home in Memphis, Tenn., and by hospitals and the like.

"Usually, before Coronavirus, we send these overseas to set up hospitals," said Moore, an elder at the Holly Springs Church of Christ. "The beds that are out of code, the old crank kind, were destined to go to Nigeria and the Ukraine. We only do medical equipment when requested."

There are three warehouses, one in Holly Springs adjacent to Carlisle's Cash Saver, one in Harville, Mo., and another in Montgomery, Ala., which just recently opened.

Moore said World of Connections out of New Jersey, an organization led by Charita Shteynberg, organized and secured payment for these hospital shipments (one from Montgomery and one from Holly Springs). "She was instrumental in all of this," he said. John Kachelman is the missionary overseeing the Montgomery warehouse and his shipment went the following day.

Churches of Christ in the southeastern United States area have adopted 25 orphanages overseas including 25 in Ukraine. Supplies, clothing, and bath products are supplied to the orphanages in Ukraine.

"We are doing shipments here and for overseas, working both fronts," Moore said.

Jerry Morgan, Moore's father-in-law, started the mission in Arkansas in 1994 for orphanages in Russia. Since then, the work with orphanages has spread to the Ukraine and also Central America.

In the Ukraine, 3,500 children are fed and clothed and receive toiletry supplies, Moore said.

To donate to this effort in a material manner or through monthly contributions to support a child, check with any member of the Holly Springs Church of Christ.

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