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Board attorney Kent Smith goes over changes.

County approves zoning, subdivision amendments

A public hearing on several proposed amendments drew no comments at the November 6 meeting of the Marshall County Board of Super­visors.

Some changes to the zoning ordinances dealt with disabled vehicles parked on private lots. The new zoning ordinance strikes out the requirement that disabled vehicles be required to hold current inspection stickers, because the state no longer issues inspection stickers.

The amended ordinance will now read, “Automotive vehicles without current license plates shall not be parked or stored in any A, A-R, R-E. R-1, R-2, 4-3 or any PUD district other than within a completely enclosed building.”

Another zoning amendment concerned Article 4, Section 17, concerning rules governing hookups and deals with sewage requirements.

The amendment reads, “No utility shall make any permanent connections to any structure unless the person requesting the connection has a building permit or a mobile home permit issued by Marshall County and a document from the Mississippi State Depart­ment of Health stating that the facility being served with said utilities has an approved septic tank or an approved sewage disposal system.”

Subdivision related amendments

Article II, Section 3, will add the following sentence to the end of the existing paragraph dealing with subdivision requirements by developers and maintenance bonds.

“Such maintenance bond shall cover all improvements installed within the subdivision by the developer including all erosion and sediment control items.”

Article II Section 3 (B), will add the following sentence to the end of the existing paragraph:

“Such maintenance bond shall also include all other improvements installed within the subdivision by the developer, including all erosion and sediment control items.”

And Article III, Section 1, dealing with design standards and streets and roadways will add this condition: “No certificate of occupancy shall be issued by the Marshall County zoning administrator for any structure located upon such lot until such time as the driveway drainage structure shall have been installed and inspected by the Marshall County road manager or the Marshall County engineer.

Article 4, Section 6, dealing with required improvements and storm drainage, will read: “Materials and construction shall conform to the Mississippi Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge construction and the Marshall County, Mississippi, Storm Water Detention/Retention and erosion control resolution.”

Article 4, Section 8, deals with erosion and sediment control by adding a new subsection to read: “All erosion and sediment control shall be in accordance with the Marshall County, Missis­sippi, Storm Water Detention/Retention and Erosion Control Resolution.”

In short, vehicles parked on a property must carry a current registration sticker and license plate. This article deals with lot cleanups that require the removal of vehicles (junk cars and trucks) that are not operable and are not tagged.

The required septic tank or sewage disposal system bars anyone from obtaining a permit to hook up to electric, water and gas utilities until an approved sewage disposal system is installed.

The certificate of occupancy in Article III requires that driveway drainage structures such as culverts shall be inspected by the county before before a person can move into a structure.

Article 4 deals with adequate construction of detention/retention ponds by a subdivision developer in that ponds will prevent other lots from being flooded by heavy stormwater runoff.

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