City goes after blighted properties

The Holly Springs Board of Aldermen approved a list of blighted properties up for demolition.

The process for demolishing a blighted property takes a specific set of steps and must follow state statutes.

Mayor Kelvin Buck said the process can take time to go through all the protocols.

“Our goal here is to try to eliminate as much blighted property as we can,” he said, “those unsightly and sometimes unsafe.”

Ward 4 alderman Christy Owens asked whether the properties can be purchased and rehabilitated.

Zoning director Pam Lewis said there is a 30-day grace period.

Buck said the city demolishes the property once it is condemned and the cost of demolition goes on the owner’s tax roll.

City of Holly Springs

Blighted Property List

• 245 Jeanette Street – 089N-31-08500 (Burned)

• 253 Jeanette Street – 089N-31-08400

• 322 Butler Street – 089N-31-06500

• 312 W. Valley Avenue – 089N-31-04200

• 405 E. Van Dorn Avenue – 093B-05-06506

• 556 Brick & Tile Road – 089M-31-02700

• 119 Williams Road – 089L-31-02500

• 125 Williams Road – 089L-31-02900

• 336 W. College Avenue – 093D-06-07500 (Burned)

• 239 W. Park Avenue – 093D-06-10900

• 470 Coopwood Drive – 093G-05-03000 (Burned)

• 474 Coopwood Drive – 093G-05-02900 (Burned)

The blighted properties are those the city has identified the condition of the property as a menace to the public health and safety of the community, said zoning director Pam Lewis. The State Statute, Section 21-19-11 backs up this action. These properties listed above, which the city has identified, are all pending with proper verification, such as title searches and notifying owners, she said.

Aldermen also approved the final plat of a six-lot subdivision located on Cuba Street. The subdivision is to be named Nehemiah Place.

The board also approved Spade Liquor Store, located at 520 South Craft Street, a privilege license to sell liquor. The owner applying for the license is Sandeep Kaur Thind.

In other business, the board of aldermen approved two Adopta-Street requests. The Rust College Pre-Med Club will adopt West College Avenue from Memphis Street to West Boundary Street. The Rust College Science and Mathematics Club will adopt Salem Avenue from Hill Street to the Holly Springs Utility Department.

The Adopt-a-Street program is one component of the city’s Team Up to Clean Up campaign.

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