Thursday, March 2, 2006

Behind The Scoreboard
By Claude Vinson

NFL teams looking to draft day

Now that the coaches’ carousel has slowed a bit, there is room for the scouting combine to gear up.

This is the time that teams, especially new coaches and general managers, try to see just what is out there, what is available and what will aid their particular situations.

You can bet your last cotton picking dollar that in this neck of the woods everybody who is anybody is going to try and see where DeAngelo Williams of Memphis is going to land in the NFL.

His own school will stage its pro day on March 24. Of course, Williams’ specialty is runningback supreme, so he can expect to be courted hard by the teams which think they are shallow at that position.

There are some teams who are carrying signal callers who are becoming quite aged. And quarterbacks aren’t exactly like good beef and good wine, some don’t improve a lot with age.

There are two main field generals who have just come on the market who will indubitably draw a barrel of attention. Vince Young and Matt Leinart have vowed not to participate in any scouting combines, being content, ostensibly, to let their exploits on collegiate gridirons do their talking.

And who is going to get the rich man’s running back, Reggie Bush?

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I was going to mention Terrell Owens in any future articles. Well, there hasn’t been much change since Mr. Owens was given permission to talk to the Broncos a couple of weeks ago.

Head man at the Broncos, Mike Shanahan is one of those “close to the vest gamblers.” He is not going to show his hand until he is sure that it has winning possibilities.

But remember this – Owens has some pretty expensive baggage. He still has a $49 million contract with the Eagles hanging on his overalls.

And the Eagles, too, have to make some hard decisions. If they hold onto Terrell past March 1, they have to cough up seven and a half million dollars.

So the Eagles just might have a flag displayed somewhere which reads,

“Take our wide receiver, please!”

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